Übersetzungen 03 (Brecht)

Workshop, video and installation, 2020

While in Chemnitz (DE), where I was taking part in the Dialogfelder residency, I made a series of (mainly) collaborative works based on sculptures and texts from the GDR era. The works constitute an attempt at instigating a dialogue between past and present.

Übersetzungen 03 (Brecht) is a video installation based on a workshop. During the workshop I invited passersby to trace figures on a piece of transparent plastic that covered the relief “Lobgedichte” (sculpted by different artists and based on Bertold Brecht’s praise poems.)

Thanks to:


Emma Dietrich

Hannah Geef

Alice Aucillo


Übersetzungen 02 (Octavio)
Video, 2020
In collaboration with Octavio Gulde

This video work shows a student (Octavio Gulde) reading from a diary. Confusingly, the diary is written in the first person, but describes a life during the GDR period. It is Gulde’s grandfather’s diary, which describes his hopes, dreams and disillusions. The text makes us aware of this specific story as well as more universal dreams of change.

I wrote an essay about my working period in Chemnitz for Metropolis M


English: http://www.metropolism.com/en/features/42144_an_impression_of_the_past_artist_sem_bekirovi_on_the_making_of_uebersetzungen_translations

Camera Muriel Wolf

Thanks to:


Chemnitzer Filmwerkstatt

Family Gulde