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“Bekirovic’s work is best described as playful conceptualism. Like reality, it’s a universe of temporary constellations wherein objects, people, animals and/or chemical reactions trigger one another into acting out their parts in a play directed by coincidence. Bekirovic creates a field of tension between the parameters she defines and her subject’s personal agenda. She eschews a hands-on, interfering approach, allowing her subject to co-author the work.”

Marcus Bruystens

Semâ Bekirović studied at the Rietveld Academie and the Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Her work has been exhibited at De Appel (Amsterdam), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Hayward Gallery Project Space (London), Dutch Culture Institute (Shanghai) and on Times Square (NYC).

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Short film by Sije Kingma about my work All That Is Solid for Into Nature 2021


Reading by Osmosis, Nature Interprets Us:

Press about Reading by Osmosis  can be found here

Art of Encounter, at ICI Berlin. With Michael Marder and Dan Liu.

The book Reading by Osmosis can be ordered at:


Things that blow my mind for various reasons.  A selection of research images for Mister Motley Salon


Why did you come to Japan? Me being interviewed for Japanese television on Narita airport, 2020


Kunst is Lang Radio (in Dutch):


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