Kubus 02, 2017
15x15x15 cm
Handmade cube (plexiglass, glue), forensic fingerprint powder ‘special gold’

I asked a factory to make me a black acrylic cube. The people who made the cube were instructed not to wear gloves during the making process, ensuring that all traces of the making process (fingerprints, smudges, etc) were retained. Afterwards I applied forensic latent fingerprint powder “special gold” to the the cube,  revealing the object’s “hidden history” of traces in gold.

De cube reveals something that usually stays invisible. It’s both an ode to the many invisible workers, and a warning: looking at the work, we realize that we always leave traces of ourselves behind.

Thanks to Dokter Plexiglas

Exhibition view at Garage Rotterdam, other works (from l to r) are by Roos van Haaften, Karin Arink and Nik Christensen. Table made by Peter Moll.