Semâ Bekirovic

Fire Sequence

Space Piece
Unfixed (Galaxies)
Its a god-awful small affair
Untitled (Bees)
Event Horizon

Between my head and the sky
The Others
A Letter
How to stop falling
Untitled (Prospect Park)
In The Studio
Dice structure
Untitled (Metal Ball)
Birds of Prey
Picture of a fire burning
Flying carpet





Semâ Bekirovic makes photos, videos and installations of which the key elements are coincidence and the supposed friction between nature and culture. In 2007 Bekirovic made the work “Koet”, a photo essay in which a couple of common coots are convinced by the artist to built their nests using personal items previously collected for them. Old tooth brushes, photographs and the like. The work resulted in a book and a slideshow. 

An important theme in Bekirovic’s work is the fine balance and subsequent tension that exists between having and maintain control and letting it slip away. She facilitates the development of various situations, allowing the incidental and unforeseeable to decide the final outcome of the work.
In her first museum solo It’s a god-awful small affair, Bekirovic played upon our romantic conception of the world. Through the influence of her father, who is a physicist, she has always been fascinated with science and the role that it plays in our lives. The title of the show, taken from David Bowie’s Life on Mars, refers to our relative smallness in the world compared to the infinite largeness of the universe, using a light-hearted humour that is typical of Bekirovic’s work.

By Marcus Bruystens


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